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Everything that you do not know Valentine

Did you know that the ‘origin of Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day was invented by the Catholic Church to end a pagan rite of fertility?

The month of February, the ancient Romans regarded him as the arrival of spring periododi preparation, given the season of rebirth and during this period began the various rites of purification, because the houses were cleaned by spreading salt and flour in a sign of good omen.

On February 14 the Roman pagan paid homage, with a unique annual ritual, the God Lupercus, which consisted of spreading along the city streets the blood of some animals, as a sign of fertility, but the nicest thing was done was to love to do a lottery, so the names of women and men who worshiped this God, were placed in an urn, a child drew the tickets and the couples that came out would have a whole year to enjoy their privacy, so that the fertility rite was over.

For the Church, this practice was considered licentious and therefore decided to put a saint “in love” to replace the God Lupercus. He was chosen Saint Valentine of Terni, considered the patron saint by the Church of Love.

Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, since legend has it that he was the first religion that celebrated the union between a young Christian and a pagan legionary. The history of Valentine’s Day with the time it became a symbol of love.


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Lago Trasimeno e eventi dell'Olio

In the first weekend of the event Crushers Open October 29 to 30 products Polvese Island Autumn meet the new oil. The event includes walking andand you’ll find The Peaks Apartments Holidays offers stays at a reasonable price. from our land. The event will be held until 11 December and will take place every weekend in different cities such as Trevi, Assisi, Campello sul Clitunno Castel Rinaldi, Giano dell ‘Umbria, Gualdo Cattaneo, Polvese Island, Spello, Spoleto Valtopina. To book you can and stay Click Here and you’ll find The Cime Apartments Holidays offers stays at a reasonable price.

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Curiosities of November in Italy

Did you know that the feast of saints, which is November 1 is a Catholic feast of All Saints and that is a purely Christian term that is used to invoke the saints and martyrs in paradise! On November 1, then follows the two where there is the commemoration of the Dead, which includes a vigil as in the Roman calendar in an extraordinary way.
But on Nov. 1 is the consecration of the relics of the saints who are in the Chapel of St. Peter. This is a festival that celebrates the days of Charlemagne. Here in Perugia for the big occasion at the stadium is Curi made ​​a huge fair, full of stalls where you can find everything, and then the children will find the Luna Park, with all the games for young and old! Come and visit us, fun is guaranteed …

Primo Novembre a Perugia

Ognisanti a Perugia con Fiera


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Le Cime Eurochocolate 2011

Ei! But did you know that Eurochocolate comes of age this year ?!… It’s 18 years that the manifestation of goodness, and even there October 14 to 23 this year in Perugia is tinged with the beautiful chocolate together with its neighboring towns … So what looks at aspects of our offers and you will see that our apartments will become attractive and can help you to fully enjoy the manifestation of the “Gorge” Call!!!


Eurochocolate 2011

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